Le Guess Who 2013: 11 tips


One of the best things about a superb line-up is that you can be picky in choosing which acts you want to see. Le Guess Who has a great programme on offer the next few days. It consists of a broad spectrum with singer-songwriters, producers, punkers and more.

Fat White Family – best show of the festival, if you like stuff getting broken, including the performers themselves

Stellar OM Source – cold but not unfriendly electronics

Vessel – making the dancefloor feel claustrophobic with gloomy beats.


Roly Porter – dark brooding ambient techno

Pharmakon – unfriendly and menacing, you wouldn’t believe

Lower – “downer punk”

METZ – gritty indie punk

Damien Jurado – singer-songwriter that could also appeal to your neofolk inside

Matt Elliott – singer-songwriter who plays dark folk music, and made one of the best albums of 2012.

Om – trance inducing waves of sound

Föllakzoid – spaced out fuzz rock by four Chileans.

TRAAMS – krautrock infused post punk

And while you’re there you might want to check out these noise pop/shoegaze acts as well: Forest Swords, Dissapears, No Joy,

Okay, okay, it is more than 11 tips. But that’s what you get with a great festival.


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