First Incubate 2013 artists announced


Incubate has announced the first names for its seven day festival starting on 16 September 2013 in Tilburg, (NL).

My personal highlights of the 60+ announced names include:

Worship – ultra doom metal

Batillus – Blackened doom that just released a crushing album Concrete Sustain, hear a track here.

Nohome – Guitar abuser Caspar Brotzmann with members of Full Blast = free jazz assault

The Black Heart Rebellion – dark folk rock from the Church of Ra, Belgium see a live track here

Staer – Insane Norwegian mathrocknoise

Heirs – non-boring post-metal

Faal – If My Dying Bride and Moss got a misshapen baby and left it in the marshes, it would sound like this.

Hessian – Hardcore from the heart of the Church of Ra

Hexis – Blackened hardcore from Copenhagen:

Front 242 – See the top of this post

Prurient – noise techno

Vatican Shadow – industrial ambient

Pete Swanson – former Yellow Swans noise head turned slightly techno

Cut Hands – voudou noise assault by ex-Whitehouse member William Bennett

Grumbling Fur – drone duo

Vessel – percussive electronics on Tri-Angle

WIFE – James of the great Altar of Plagues releases his solo album on Tri-Angle

Dalhous – on Blackest Ever Black

East India YouthThe Quietus started a label for this.


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