Lights Out: Year Of No Light #Roadburn

As I’m completely stoked about going to Roadburn, in the next few days the Lights Out will be about bands playing that awesome festival in Tilburg between 14-17 April.

Year of No Light are a sludge/post-rock outfit hailing from France. No vocals, no short songs and no light. Their music sounds like the equivalent of tall Gothic churches, dramatic romantic landscapes or post-rockers off their anti-depressants.

On Roadburn 2011 they will play two shows: One in which they will play their last album Ausserwelt, and during the other appearance they will provide the soundtrack for the 1932 horror classic by Carl Theodor Dreyer: Vampyr.


The downside of this is that on a festival with a great line-up, there are choices, no, sacrifices to be made. My choice will have to be between seeing the awesome Aluk Todolo once again, or choose the Vampyr screening…


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