New songs by Altar of Plagues, Demonaz and more

Some cool black metal news and songs I found today.

First up: the new album of Altar of Plagues, titled ‘Mammal‘ will be released on April 22nd. Check out this 10min edit of “Neptune is Dead” a very nice track on that upcoming album.

Les gritty black metal, but it has the same intensity. One of the few bands that are sometimes compared with Wolves in the Throne Room but have a really distinctive sound. They seam to be heading for a kind of Godspeed You! Black Emperor post-rock path. This will be a very interesting sonic journey.

Next: new Immortal stuff. Well actually, it’s Demonaz‘ (full black metal name: Demonaz Doom Occulta but also known as the mortal Harald Nævdal) one-man project.

Listen to the track “All Blackened Sky” from his upcoming epic riff-filled monster ‘March of the Norse’. This one will be out on the first of April.

It’s no surprise that this reminds one of his previous endeavors like Immortal, or the Motörhead tribute band I for which Demonaz wrote the lyrics. Headbanger’s heaven. Can’t wait to see Immortal perform in the summer!

And if you’re into death metal you could check out Zombiefication, today’s band of the day by Decibel Magazine.

By the way, if you like this, I happen to know there’s more chaos at hand. The end is nigh. The horizon is getting darker as we speak.


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