Lights Out: Ajattara

Ajattara has spat out a new album, called ‘Murhat‘ (Murders, in Finnish). I still really love the voice of singer Ruoja (Pasi Koskinen ex-Amorphis). But it’s a rather straight-forward collection of folk black metal songs I might say, so I’m gonna take this opportunity to direct you attention to their previous recording Noitumaa (Spotify link).

Here’s a song of the new album:

With Noitumaa (2009) they made an acoustic album which was not appreciated by the blackkies that like their music to sound like Darkthrone, and no other way. I, on the other hand, thought it a very interesting and quite successful experiment.

I find this music to be dark, haunting and as having a genuinely ritual feel about it. And there’s a whole lot of black metal acts that don’t even get that far when they plugin their guitars.


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