Lights Out: The Chewers

The Chewers are an American group that described their music to me as:

The music is a stew of influences (roots, early rock, no wave, avant garde), filtered into an eclectic mix of off-kilter songs. There is a strange sort of deadpan attitude to a lot of it, and a crooked sense of humor. The album is very rhythmic, (rarely anything resembling melodic), with a minimalist bent that lets the spaces inform the music, but with a distinctive driving swing. It doesn’t sound contemporary or traditional, and is, if nothing else, idiosyncratic.

That’s a whole lot of things, but also pretty accurate if you ask me. Judge for yourself what you make of their music:

I hear a mix of the desert-psychedelics of Captain Beefheart, the later Tom Waits sounds,  and the drone of the newer Der Blutharsch. The Dutch among you will know De Staat, think of them but far more psychedelic, more dronelike, and more freaked out.

I recommend you go to their website and download the entire ‘Every Drop Disorganized‘ album or find it on soundcloud. It’s really good stuff if you’re looking for something else.


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