Avant-garde tattoo: Yann Black

My wife got a tattoo the other day and the tattoo artist showed me this amazing book with avant-garde tattoos in it, because I said I didn’t like conventional tattoos that much, but instead liked large black tatooed surfaces and was looking for other non-standard ideas.

She introduced me to the ‘French avant-garde’. That’s right, not only in black metal France is ahead of the troops, apparently the francophone world is also way ahead of others when it comes to tattoos.

I think it’s awesome, repulsive, funny, compelling all in once.

All tattoos shown here are by Yann Black.


2 responses to “Avant-garde tattoo: Yann Black

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  2. Do you know any tatoo artist in the states that does work like this? I know i could get any artist to copy a design, but i would rather have someone who is familiar with and enjoys this type of work.

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