Lights Out: Ordo Rosario Equilibrio

The world we pursue is forsaken by man
The earth is my kingdom it is where I dance
I salvage myself in perversions and wine
Consumed and depraved by the bondage of time

In 1993 Tomas Petterson quit dark ambient act Archon Satani to start a more decadent sounding band. The then formed Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio themed its music around a central core, being lust. Their sound has something very decadent and mysterious that suits the lust-fueled and metaphorical lyrics, although some find their sound a bit too plastic. But perhaps that’s what suits this concept best.

And a somewhat more experimental track of ORE of which I can’t get enough:

See Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio live:

March 18, 2011: Baroeg, Rotterdam (NL)
March 19, 2011: JC De Klinker, Aarschot (B)
March 20, 2011: Werkstatt, Cologne (D):

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio (SE apocalyptic pop)
In Slaughter Natives (SE industrial bossanova)
Raison d’Etre (SE dark ambient)
Empusae (BE industrial electronica)
Spiritual Front (IT suicide pop)
DJ DistortedChaos

Presented by Porta Nigra


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