Dornenreich – Flammentriebe: Sturm und Drang

As you’ve read in my best of 2010 post, I was really looking forward to Dornenreich‘s new installment. And with good reason it turns out. I’m just saying it like it is: this is the best Dornenreich to date, and I thought that they had reached their peak with the fascinating ‘Durch den Traum‘. Perhaps it will be a bit too theatrical for some, but I like my music a bit melancholic and dramatic at times.

On ‘Flammentriebe‘ they pick up the electric instruments once again, after the acoustic ‘In Luft geritzt‘. I was very glad that when I saw them play live in 2010,  on my bachelor’s party in Germany, that they still tore down the mystical ambiance they created with acoustic parts using distortion. And now they released an album that is laden with that same distortion as in their older days. But it’s much more ‘to the point’ than their music of ten years ago. And still the violin fits the music like cucumber fits a Moscow Mule.

More to the point does not, however, mean that their music got easier to digest. It’s still Dornenreich, which to me always hints to the music of Empyrium (who is rumored to play WGT 2011…) and Noekk. The last 90 seconds of the album even remind me of Agalloch‘s ‘Pale Folklore‘. So don’t expect normal black metal with some folk elements. This sort of avantgardish ‘black’ metal is much more interwoven with the folk element. At the same time it can be much more abrupt than other easy listening black metal with some acoustic guitars that must pass for folk/viking/fairytale elements.

Dornenreich is much more Sturm und Drang, if you will. The anguish and mystical feel that emanated from their ‘Durch den Traum’ and ‘Hexenwind‘ releases are very much alive. And they’ve managed to deliver those feelings more gripping then ever.


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