Roadburn 2011 line-up: So good it hurts

Roadburn announced today another set of artists for their line-up. And it sounds to good to be true now Menace Ruine, Winter, Today is the Day, Aluk Todolo and Hooded Menace among many others, are confirmed.

Really. Check this line-up selection:

Thursday 14th of April:

Godflesh, Wovenhand, Wardruna, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Winterfylleth, Today is the Day, Year of No Light, Alcest and much more.

Friday 15th of April:

Winter, Earth, Aluk Todolo, Menace Ruine, Hooded Menace, The Secret, Atilla Csihar’s Void Ov Voices, Year of No Light [performing a score for the film Vampyr (1932)] and many others

Saturday 16th of April:

Swans, Shrinebuilder, Yob, Ludicra, Liturgy and a lot of names that I do not know yet.

And they haven’t even finished booking yet…

I’m personally really looking forward to finally seeing Menace Ruine, Winter Hooded Menace and Year of No Light. And of course seeing Liturgy, Yob, Aluk Todolo, Wardruna and Swans for the second time!

I.  Can’t.  Wait.


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