Blut Aus Nord Re-releases: Awesome artwork, new material.

Wow. Beautiful new artwork for two Blut Aus Nord re-releases (see the original “Mystical Beast” artwork).

BLUT AUS NORDThe Mystical Beast Of Rebellion (2×12″LP, 2xCD)

Considered by many to be the band’s greatest work, BLUT AUS NORD’s “The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion” marked a crucial transition from the French enigma’s Black Metal genesis toward a discordant, forward-thinking future. Originally released in 2001, “The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion” surges with hypnotic fury, inducing trance-like states through increasingly dissonant riffing. […]Three new songs have been written – “The Fall (Chapter 7, 7 and… 7)” – comprising an exclusive new album that plots a divergent path to the same destination. In conjunction with the brutal, hypnotic minimalism of the first six chapters, these crawling, cavernous pieces give the masterpiece a more wholesome dimension. (DMP).

BLUT AUS NORDUltima Thulée (12″LP)

In 1995, “Ultima Thulée” marked the beginning of BLUT AUS NORD’s bold journey toward transcendence through Black Metal. (DMP)

Pre-sales for the LP’s started already here. CD is expected to be released in December as well.



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