Witch House starting point

There’s a lot to read on the web about witch house, but where to start listening with this genre?

I’ve seen some very nice compilations and mixtapes on the net, so thought I would be pointing those of you that want to explore chillwave, witch house, zombie rave, ghost dance, or what ever you wanna call it some more.

First one can be found here at Kick The Tragedy (individual tracks).

20 tracks including artists like salem, †‡†, balam acab, dream boat, h∆unt3d hous3, health, how to dress well, oOoOO, white ring and more.

Another one here: Let me shine for you from TriAngle records. A mixtape compilation of Lindsay Lohan interpretations, featuring Babe Rainbow, oOoOO, Stalker, and more.

A tape compilation that was sold out with a more laid-back feeling, including oOoOO, SLEEP ∞ OVER, Terminal Twilight and S U R V I V E.

And you should check out the †‡† Mixxxtape I linked to earlier with some cool urban remixes or visit the †‡† (rrritualzzz) soundcloud for other tracks. And here’s a more zombie rave style mix by a member of Mater Susperia Vision. And if you want something that blends the old with the new you may want to listen to this mix tape by HEALTH on Vice with artists ranging from White Ring and †‡† to Swans to Panda Bear to Peter Gabriel and Ministry.

And finally something I don’t want to keep from you that made it to the end of this post: Eklin, a Dutch outfit that is less about the hiphop and trance influences, but more about the ritual atmosphere. Not hardcore witch house perhaps, but it’s really good. You can find their new album ‘Onwahere  (official give away by the band).

Of course, if you’ve got any other, I would greatly appreciated it if you’d leave a comment.


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