Fauna live recording


On this forum I found a live recording of an unreleased Fauna ritual called ‘Avifauna‘, that can also be found on the web under the title “Feathainne”, which is a misspelling of a Fauna related band called Fearthainne. I can only hope that they record their stuff properly someday, or for me to attend one of their live rituals.

As I wore my Fauna shirt to Incubate lastest edition, I got quite a few comments on it’s runic sign. So here’s an elaborate explanation about this sign, lovingly pinched from a very nice interview with the band:

I notice that you use a symbol to represent your band a lot of the time. It can be translated to simply mean everything that Fauna represents, I would say. But, what does the symbol really mean? To me, it looks like a sun-wheel composed of the rune Ansuz, or in Latin characters, “A”. Ansuz is representative of Wisdom and Communication, as well as Odinn, also called the “Messenger Rune”. The personal application of this rune is to mean “the answers are available, but not yet recognized.” Does this Runic, Norse meaning to the symbol have any relevance to your symbol?

We are highly appreciative of the runic significance that corresponds with this symbol. It also expresses aspects of the ogham, the pre-alphabetic signification system of our Celtic ancestors. Our sigil was chosen in relationship to these layers of meaning; however, what is of primary importance to us is the imaginal potential of this signifier. Our intention is to convey, in an entirely non-rational manner, a non-referential form that can conjure from consciousness a felt sense of all that we are. We encourage all who encounter this symbol to allow it to burn itself into their consciousness, in a non-literal fashion, and remain curious as to what will be revealed.


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