Imperium Dekadenz

A couple of weeks ago I was browsing though the archives of the superb blog We Fucking Love Music and found this German band called Imperium Dekadenz.

I got curious after reading the following comment:

Imperium Dekadenz have taken their trademark atmospheric/depressive black metal sound and infused it with a new sense of melody. Make no mistake though, this album is plenty heavy. Black metal purists may scoff at the Agalloch/Alcest moments, but “Procella Vadens” is nevertheless one of the first great metal releases of 2010.

That last line was what got me to click the link, and I have till this day not regretted that simple action. I agree with the above comment that some things might be a bit too sentimental, but if you’re in the right mood (like I am now) even this song is amazing:

But what kept me putting these songs in my playlist over and over again is the mix of Nocte Obducta with Austere that I hear in their songs. Very nice stuff, check it out.


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