Die Weisse Rose @ Incubate videos

One of my favorite artists on Incubate this year: Die Weisse Rose. As you know. Marcel (aka DJ DistortedChaos) made a couple of video’s with his Panasonic Lumix that are actually quite good sound-wise, so I just posted them here for those of you that missed it:

As you can see  John Murphy (Shining Vril) and Kim Larsen (:Of the Wand & the Moon:) we’re on stage with Die Weisse Rose. A couple of hours later, Kim Larsen would join Sonne Hagal in the church for a really beautiful concert.

The time Thomas Bøjden let go of his otherwise very statuesque performance:

Let’s see if Incubate can continue their excellent line-up when it comes to martial/neofolk next edition (Last year :OtW&tM:, Der Blutharsch, Deutsch Nepal).


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