White River & ///polaroids\\\

I recently bought the cdr of White River from Flittermice and got the cdr of ///polaroids\\\ for free. As a way of saying thanks, and because the music is truly a w e s o m e  I made this post to tell you exactly that.

White River is a collaboration between Vincent Koreman (artistic leader of the Incubate festival) and Steffan de Turck of Staplerfahrer. This self-titled EP contains tribal electronic but very ritualistic sounds with rhythmic experimentation. Not for everyone but once you get the hang of it it is very intriguing.

///polaroids\\\ is far more easy accessible EP. It contains a sort of witch house, but a bit more  experimental sounding. Or read the description here. Or listen to the superb first song of the EP here.

Anyway if you’ve got e-mail don’t even think about waiting and order these great cdr’s as they are only 3 Euros! Including world-wide postage!:

order it now: 3 EURO –  INCLUDING POSTAGE WORLDWIDE!! simply send an email to slashpolaroids@gmail.com with your info, you’ll receive an email with our paypal address. We’ll send it out and you get it in the mail…

Check http://flittermice.org/ as there’s some The Caretaker / Vindicatrix stuff coming up, that I think should be great.


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