Incubate: 13 days to go: Hell Militia

Good, it’s almost here again: Incubate. But with so many artists, what to see? Allow me to be your digital flashlight in this dark cave filled with underground music and together we will count down the next 33 days with 33 short artist recommendations.

Hell Militia
Fri, 17th       21:15 -22:00       V39

Incubate: With Hell Militia you’ll embark on the final leg of your journey. The baggage of your life is a litany of shattered dreams, broken promises, forlorn hopes, pathetic achievements and worthless acquisitions. There has been no meaning to any of it. Every selfish breath was in vain. No value can be placed on your pointless existence. Let this intelligent and dedicated black metal band escort you to your final destination: death.

Tagged on as: black metal, french black metal, orthodox black metal, french, raw black metal

Similar Artists: Aosoth, Antaeus, Glorior Belli, Ondskapt, Katharsis, Mütiilation, Temple Of Baal

‘The just released “Last Station on the Road to Death” reminded me somehow of Mortuus. This is fast paced black metal that feels like it’s mid paced: filthy and gnawing:

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