Incubate: 14 days to go: Zola Jesus

Good, it’s almost here again: Incubate. But with so many artists, what to see? Allow me to be your digital flashlight in this dark cave filled with underground music and together we will count down the next 33 days with 33 short artist recommendations.

Zola Jesus
Mon, 13th       23:00 -00:00       Cul de Sac Zola Jesus is the endeavor of a solitary girl named Nika Roza Danilova to simultaneously combat and invoke the approaching apocalypse using the only weapon/offering she has; her voice. After a decade of opera study and a musical awakening involving such varied inspiration as Billboard bubblegum, classical arias, no wave, avant industrial, she was able to thread her influences into a sound uniquely her own.

Tagged on as: lo-fi, psychedelic, ambient, noise, noise pop

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The music seems a bit like Fever Ray to me. And voice reminds me of Siouxsie Sioux, andI like the dark atmosphere which is really layered together with the distorted drums. It may sound a bit slick on record, but I hope it will be less so live.

Check the Incubate Spotify list to discover new Incubate artists for yourself.


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