Incubate: 15 days to go: Oranssi Pazuzu

Good, it’s almost here again: Incubate. But with so many artists, what to see? Allow me to be your digital flashlight in this dark cave filled with underground music and together we will count down the next 33 days with 33 short artist recommendations.

Oranssi Pazuzu
Sun, 19th       19:15 -20:00       Little Devil

Incubate: A taste of Norwegian black metal mixed up with Finnish kraut-psychedelia. Oranssi Pazuzu’s sound is highly visual and atmospheric, embracing the dark corners of space and mind. Their influences range from Burzum, via Electric Wizard to Pink Floyd.’

Tagged on as: black metal, psychedelic black metal, experimental, psychedelic, finnish

Similar Artists: A Forest of Stars, Code, Cobalt, Altar of Plagues, This Is Past, Nachtmystium, Ved Buens Ende

If you only take a look at the similar artists, you know you should see this. My guess it will be just as a surprise as Aluk Todolo was last year for most people.

Check the Incubate Spotify list to discover new Incubate artists for yourself.


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