Incubate: 23 days to go: Circle

Good, it’s almost here again: Incubate. But with so many artists, what to see? Allow me to be your digital flashlight in this dark cave filled with underground music and together we will count down the next 33 days with 33 short artist recommendations.

Sat, 18th       20:00 -20:45       Kleine Zaal @ 013 Formed in 1991, Circle is the most visible and prolific name in the Finnish avant-rock underground. Having survived innumerable lineup changes, the band and its founder, bassist/vocalist/guitarist Jussi Lehtisalo, have constantly reinvented themselves, weaving hypnotic mantras out of exacting Krautrock beats, heavy riffs, arty noise, dark psychedlia, and soundtrack-like beauty. Hard, chilly repetition has served as the lone unifying theme throughout 15 years of experiments.

Tagged on as: krautrock, psychedelic, experimental, finnish, post-rock

Similar Artists: Rättö ja Lehtisalo, Ektroverde, Pharaoh Overlord, Kuusumun Profeetta, Röyhkä ja Rättö ja Lehtisalo, Plain RideAgitation Free

Weird blending of musical styles. They call themselves part of the New Wave of Finnish Heavy Metal and will play Vera Groningen 17th of September as part of their European tour as well:

Check the Incubate Spotify list to discover new Incubate artists for yourself.


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