Incubate: 24 days to go: Shaking Godspeed

Good, it’s almost here again: Incubate. But with so many artists, what to see? Allow me to be your digital flashlight in this dark cave filled with underground music and together we will count down the next 33 days with 33 short artist recommendations.

Shaking Godspeed
Sun, 19th       18:00 -18:45       Cul de Sac
SHAKING GODSPEED consists of three fine young men in the prime of their lives who bring you some of that real exciting music.  The band has a love for putting a savvy twist on simplicity, this results in music where you can shake to, in many different shapes and forms that is… Whether it’s fast, slow, short, long, rough or sweet: thou shall shake!

Tagged on as: hard rock, blues rock

Similar Artists: Nikoo, Vanilla Riot, Terrible Eagle, The Bloody Honkies

Funny fact: On the university,  I have been in class with the bass player of Shaking Godspeed. And in the video below you can see Incubate booker Peter Meeuwsen, who I also know from university, rocking out (Blue HEALTH(?) shirt) during Eurosonic. It’s a small world.

Check the Incubate Spotify list to discover new Incubate artists for yourself.


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