The Night of the Unexpected

I’m very looking forward to The Night of the Unexpected.

The Night is a one night festival, highlighting the diversity and dynamics of contemporary music practice. That is to say: a night full of musical surprises leading you right through different styles and genres, from modest chamber music to booming noise.

Impression of the Night of the Unexpected 2007.

The programme will be presented in a tightly produced succession of short, sharp performances (without breaks), often off-stage in order to make optimal use of every nook and cranny of Paradiso. With an unconventional presentation the Night aims to enable both artists and audience to have a unique musical experience.

This year the following artists, among others, have been confirmed:

KILLL is the ‘live-only’-project by members of Jaga Jazzist, Single Unit, JR Ewing, and No Place to Hide. They demolish the boundaries between metal, electronics, and jazz. To assault not only your ears, they use visual artist Kyrrelys and his stroboscopic lights.

About Knalpot I wrote this for the Incubate festivalguide 2009:

Knalpot means ‘exhaust’ in old Dutch, but it connotations are: noise, racket, pandemonium and so on. And that is exactly what Knalpot brings live on stage, but in ‘controlled’ bursts. Using a casio keyboard, drums and more guitar effects than even you have, these two guys bring experimental electro/jazz/punk/fusion like they have never done anything else before. Although they claim their sound engineer will be there to make sure no-one gets heard. Our advice to you is to come and see this fresh duo, but do not forget your earplugs.

American Men are from Glasgow. They play ‘synthetic Miami-laser-rock’. With pride.

Alex Nowitz makes electronic music with the Wii. He is this years artist in residence of STEIM.

Ensemble MAE will perform work of artistic leader Yannis Kyriakides titled ‘The Arrest’. It is based on a dream the French writer George Perec had in July 1970. The dream used in ‘The Arrest’ is about a recurring nightmare that Perec used to have of being stopped and arrested by the police. In ‘The Arrest’ the dream text is displayed as an animated text film, underscored by electronics and ensemble. We hear our mind’s voices reading the text to the music. This is a way of making the voice of the audience both intimate and integral to the music. As opposed to hearing spoken by a performer on stage, the voice is an internal one, closer to the voices that drive these dream narratives.

Ensemble Klang is a Dutch ensemble. ‘Narayana’s Cows’ by Tom Johnson is based on a mathematical problem that dates back to India in the 14th century which deals with the growth of a herd of cows.

TED talk by Pamelia Kurstin.

Pamelia Kurstin plays the theremin. Seb Rochford (Polar Bear) is drummer.  Together they play an improvised live-set with jazz, rock and ‘weird stuff’.

Project Wildeman is about the wild man in the modern city. Music, theater and poetry.


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