Menace Ruine – Union of Irreconcilables

Menace Ruine came into my life something more then a year ago, (March 2009), when I read an interesting interview in The Wire about them. The article talked about ritualistic black metal aesthetics and other interesting stuff about Menace Ruine’s music. So I listened to their album The Die is Cast and was pleasantly surprised by the new sounds I encountered there. It was strange, claustrophobic, haunting and in another post here I described it as follows:

I think it sounds like Dead Can Dance and The Velvet Underground (with Nico) got together for a sceance using Darkthrone equipment in Wardruna forest.

And now it’s heir has been released: ‘Union of Irreconcilables‘.

In the Alchemical process of transformation fire and water are understood to be a “union of irreconcilables”; fire the radiant light of our conscious mind and water the unfathomable depths of our unconscious mind. Source.

The most noticeable change is that this release is a bit more noisy than the previous one. It has the same feel, the same kind of drones, the same stalking voice of Geneviève, but a bit more noise, and the songs have become longer as well, which gives it a more droning feel. So you should expect less ‘songs’ and more ‘pieces’, I guess. Oh and the song titles are great as well: “The Upper Hand”, “Not Only a Break in the Clouds But a Permanent Clearing of the Sky”, “Nothing Above Or Below” and “There Will Be Blood”, for instance. Love it, I do.

One great song of this album, “The Upper Hand”,  can be heard at their Myspace. So hurry up.

And did I say that the artwork looks amazing? Well it does. I really like the medieval lion theme inside.


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