Fauna – The Hunt

“Shamanic Black metal atavism” says the sticker on the plastic wrapper of this Aurora Borealis release. Fauna is the band, ‘The Hunt’ the title of the album, patience is what it requires to get into the music and awe is what you feel once you’ve really felt this release.

Luckily the atavistic aspect only describes the lyrical concept. The music is anything but an “evolutionary throwback”. ‘The Hunt’ sounds like the vapor that would rise up when the fire of Wolves in the Throne Room‘s ‘Two Hunters’ and the water of Altar of Plagues‘ ‘Tides’ would be poured together. Fauna has a more ritualistic sound than Wolves, but it is hard to prove it to you, as they don’t have any music online, except for this small but beautiful videoteaser of their first ‘rite’, and a nine-minute music teaser on this myspace.

The concept is, of course, about The Hunt. And the seven chapters are titled as the various stages of this prehistoric quest for food:

‘The Door’
‘Setting Out’
– pt 1: Initiation
– pt 2: Call to Prey
‘The Scent’
‘The Kill… Fulfilment’
– pt 1: The feast
– pt 2: Ascension of the Prey’s Soul

For those happy downloaders that are going to try and find this release as a (free) download on the net: Notice that there are two versions of this rite:

– The first (2007) is a ‘demo’ that they released themselves with a drum computer.

– The second (2009) was released by Aurora Borealis and contains the addition of live drums and a remastering by Mel Detmer (Earth, Sunn O))), etc). This is the official and also the better version by far.


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