Rome – Nos Chants Perdus

Ladies and gentlemen: I’ve got ’em. (Finally. I ordered it with some other stuff, which was not in stock: stupid me)

The new Rome album ‘Nos Chants Perdus‘ (which translates into something like ‘Our lost songs’ if I’m not mistaken) in the special first edition, including shirt that has on the back the L’Assassin lyrics

“But when the sun comes back
we will all be gone”.

I’ve been looking forward to this release since I got the last EP L’Assassin‘ in February 2010. Thanks to reader P666NZ who pointed me in the comment section to the new album. I know Rome has been releasing new stuff relentlessly, but I have to admit: I don’t think I can get too much. I’ve become a Rome junkie since ‘Confessions…’.

The first thing that I notice when putting this disc on is that the overall feel of the album is a little more depressing than the previous, more powerful albums. But I like this kind of melancholy, it reminds me a bit of Nera, his first album. The Rome path has yet again furthered from the industrial past. This is Rome at it’s most acoustic. See also the liner notes with a lot of musicians, next to Reuter, Damiani and Mavridis instead of computers.

But do we have to take this album title literally? Because it saddened me to read stuff like this:


– Otherwise I would have seen them live again this year. And let me tell you: Seeing, and hearing this band perform is something you do not forget. I could use the drug/junkie metaphor again, but I don’t. You get the point. –

The last message on their myspace, that was posted by their music label does not seem to say: ‘hey we’re putting out another five records in five years’:

We ourselves have no precise idea on his whereabouts for the time being, but he has assured us that this is certainly NOT the end of ROME. Having worked with Jerome for a certain length of time now and having had the privilege of getting to know the man behind the music we all love, I myself am convinced that he will be back in due time, stronger and …healthier than ever. From what I’ve heard, a few months at sea have always helped.
Trisol Music Group

But still: We have a new Rome album. 12 New Rome songs. 44 New Rome minutes. And I’m going to enjoy every second of them. Many times over.

And by the way: I like this kind of myth-making around artists. Gives them something special.

I just hope that he/they will find his/their health and their songs again.


8 responses to “Rome – Nos Chants Perdus

  1. i love rome too! have heard only few songs from the new LP, but flowers from exile was their best till now in my opinion, so i am expecting a lot…

    • If you like the more acoustic/less bombastic path they follow, you will not be disappointed 🙂

      • Anyone looking for Nos Chants Perdus lyrics here‘s someone who put them online. Just click the button you see, and you can choose which songs you want to see.

  2. I literally discovered Rome this month and am enthralled with them. Hope to seet him (them?) return, but the huge output must become tiring after awhile and they simply need a break.

    • That’s probably what happenend, and it always good to go back and rediscover his work from time to time. The Berlin EP has been in my cd player a lot lately for instance.

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