Theremin-fueled electro-noise and more

The Incubate Festival in Tilburg has confirmed a couple of new artists. As they do every Thursday.

And this time there are a couple artists that I just couldn’t let pass you, my precious reader, by silently.

So here it goes:

Doom legend Wino is coming to the Netherlands. It was quite a pity that Shrinebuilder couldn’t make it to Roadburn because of that ash cloud hovering over the Atlantic Ocean, but in September we get another chance to see Wino in action. Twice. One acoustic solo gig and the other time with his new outfit Premonition.  Don’t know this bloke? Read/watch this interview, and you’re back in the game.

The Night Terrors make “theremin-fueled electro-noise” And yes: that sounds sweet. More electro than noise if you ask me, but still: it’s good. Theremin FTW. Check it out:

But I saved the best for last: Darsombra.

I never heard of the guy, but what else is new when you’re checking out the Incubate line-up? Anyway: this is a one man metal/noise/doom army. And than you might think: ‘Yeah but with a computer anyone can do that’. Well, my reply would be: check out this awesome live video (make sure you make it past the 07:30 mark to hear his voice):

Exactly: Must see material.


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