Lights out: Anaphylactic Shock

When hardcore punk, black metal and doom would be put together in a blender the result will likely be something sounding as Anaphylactic Shock from the south of the Netherlands.

Not only is the artwork killer, the songs are also very disturbing. Slow and heavy parts are mixed without any effort with more up-tempo pieces. This is perfectly illustrated by the two songs that can be found (at this moment) on their Myspace, with the more dragging “Holy Land” and the up-tempo “Death over Life”. Remember when you’re listening that they sound even more massive live.

I saw ‘the Shock’ live the same day I saw Kjeld, on a black metal gathering, but when you’ve listened to their myspace, you will agree with me that this band would be in better musical company on something like the Roadburn festival.

And yeah, you heard that right: the vocalist is the guy of Nihill. The bass player used to be in The Spades, the guitarist is one of the progressive rockgroup Hooghwater and the drummer plays in Union Town as well as the Shock.


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