Thom Puckey

I came across the post ‘Naked Women with Bazookas‘ on Archibald Kobayashi’s blog. Intrigued by the images I clicked to the source of where he got the pics from and came across the photo above. That is a picture of a statue in the town where I live: Zwolle, the Netherlands.

When my wife was still my girlfriend and lived with her parents, I biked past this work whenever I went to her. It is a jetplane made of ‘clouds’. I’ve always liked that idea, and the statue. But I never knew who made it. But as it turns out that will be Thom Puckey. Thank you Archibald and Booooooom!

This last one instantly made me think of Storm Thorgerson‘s video for my favourite Pink Floyd song: “High Hopes”:


4 responses to “Thom Puckey

  1. The second statue, with the horns, is about a kilometer away from our booze hole in Vinkhuizen, am I right?

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