Lights out: Kjeld

I think it is because I live in the Northern parts of the Netherlands that the bands I post here are mostly from the same regions. Anyway, another band I came across a couple of weeks ago is the Frisian black metal band Kjeld.

One of the things that has always remained a bit of a mystery to me are those bands that do not come from Scandinavia or Germany, but still sing about Wodan/Odin/Wotan (whatever your way of writing is). But not Kjeld. Kjeld is a Frisian band, with Frisian themes that are sang, of course, in their own language. Although I can’t understand one bit of it, I like the idea of using your own heritage in your music.

Whereas most black metal bands are pretty crappy when it comes to live performances (due to the bad equipment, sound guy, venue or the nature of the songs) Kjeld was actually quite a surprise when I saw them in Leeuwarden. Pretty decent sound, and the songs were actually distinguishable from each other.

Their two song EP ‘De Tiid Haldt Gjin Skoft’ can be heard at their myspace, and the two songs show a nice blend of old school black metal (old Darkthrone, old Dødheimsgard) with some newer influences (Endstille, Shining (Swe)). So I say: check it out, you just might like it.


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