Lights out: An Autumn For Crippled Children

Just thought about promoting some (yet) unknown Dutch metal bands the next couple of days. If you know other unknown (non-metal) Dutch bands, let me know through Twitter, or in the comment box below. If I dig it, it will appear on this blog, of course with your name mentioned to it 🙂

An Autumn For Crippled Children is a depressive black metal band I came across surfing the website of this Italian label ATMF. I thought the description

Depressive post black metal in the vein of Lifelover, Amesoeurs and Katatonia

sounded interesting so I looked them up on Myspace.

Turns out they’re pretty great, and from the Netherlands. In fact: from the north of the Netherlands, practically where I live. Anyway, a quick search on metal archives and the likes, led me to believe the the dude from Gnaw Their Tongues is behind this. Why?

1. AAFCC are from Friesland, just like he is.

2. The AAFCC singer’s name would be MxM. Name of the GTT guy is Mories.

3. Mastering Graphics made the artwork, which he does the mastering for: “Mastering by Mories from Gnaw Their Tongues/De Magia Veterum” according to their myspace.

4. So Mories most likely mastered the album through the same company.

But because they will not talk about their ‘countless other projects’ (which also might be a hint to Mories who plays in at least six bands/projects according to Metal Archives), I might be wrong of course, and all of this might be a coincidence, but that still means the music is pretty great.

I.M: There is very little information about the band and its members, what is the reason behind this?

AACC: We all have other projects/bands. Some pretty well known. We want AACC to stand on it’s own and not be connected to our other projects. This way people judge us only on the basis of our music and not on the basis of what we have done in other projects. (Source)


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