Roadburn 2010 recap

Too bad some bands couldn’t make it because of the ash from iceland, but the bands that played on Roadburn 2010 were amazing.

New discovery:
Moss: ultraDOOOOM. If you ever get the chance to see them: don’t hesitate.

Something else:
Trinacria was very nice: with a very theatrical stage performance it was really setting itself apart from other Roadburn acts. As was Dream of an Opium Eater: great music with interesting silent movies. I’m very proud to have seen that for the second time. And while I’m at it: Enslaved and Shining killed it with their terrifying good Armageddon Concerto-collaboration on the last day (two drummers, two bass players, two keyboard players, four guitarists and a saxophonist, and a backdrop with pics of the Icelandic volcanoes).

Pleasant surprise:
Goatsnake: stoner/doom that definitely shattered some eardrums in the packed 013.

And of course:
Altar of Plagues were great (especially the second time, when you consider we had been partying to 7 am that day, and they we’re already on stage nine hours later!).YOB was great as well: with just three guys releasing so much energy. Twice. Simply amazing.

I will be back next year, no doubt about it.

The beautiful first and the last pictures are taken by Erik Luyten see more amazing Roadburn pics on his website.


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