Trine + Kim

Trine + Kim is one of my favorite design studios when it comes to black metal cover artwork. And next week they will be having an exposition with their ten years of work at display. In honor of this anniversary they also released a book that contains their best work in 160 pages (if I had the money I would buy it here).

Here a couple of images to show what they were up to till now:

What I like most about their designs is that it is fairly minimalistic with a lot of strong rigid lines. So in a way it would seem to be the opposite of what black metal stands for. But somehow they manage to create that very strong and dark atmosphere that suits the music of Ulver, DHG, Solefald, Shining (NO), Oda Relicta, Enslaved and others very well.

And .Posthum – one of my favorite cover artworks:

Here’s the album of Trinacria (Ivar Bjørnson of extreme metal band Enslaved, Maja S. K. Ratkje and Hils Sofie Tafjord, both from the Noise outfit Fe-mail) I just ordered and made me think of visiting the Trine + Kim website once again, where I found the above mentioned exhibition:

Oh, by the way Trinacria will be playing at the Roadburn Fest, for those of you that already have a ticket and want to see something special.


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