Hail Incubate! Some new additions

It’s thursday so there are some new Incubate names announced.

Here’s the list, and you know the drill: artists I like get a Myspace link.

Simple, snobbish, perfect!

  • Acre (US) – Soundscapes, one-tone drones: music to fall asleep to (which does not have to be bad).
  • The Chap (UK)  – Poppy, bassdriven experimental rock. Looks better live then the music would let you believe at first.
  • Cold Pumas (UK) – If you like Health, A Place To Bury Strangers and the likes, like I do, it i likely that you’ll like Cold Pumas like I do as well.
  • Daniel Francis Doyle (US) – Psycho one man band. Don’t know if I really dig the music, but I would want to see this live, if it was only for a couple of minutes. So here’s the Myspace link.
  • Fair Ohs (UK) – It does not sound like them, but has that same ‘happy crazy surf summer energy’ as Animal Collective to my ears.
  • The History Of Colour TV (FR)  – The sucker for fuzzy-guitars-that-imitate-vaccüum-cleaners that I am, this easy-listening-shoegaze gets my OK.

  • Invasion (UK) – “Motown, Metallica and Magic” was the description The Quietus gave Invasion last year. Ever since then I couldn’t wait to see this. And now I can. And you can too. Hail Incubate.
  • Kodiak (DE) – Doom outfit that put out a split with Nadja and one with Black Shape of Nexus. That’s enought to know this band deserves a listen. Heavy stuff like it should be: massive.
  • Ku Bo (AT) – Bringing some summer to my speakers after the previous three. For all you cumbia, kuduro, worldbeat, modern electro lovers. Not for me.
  • The Setting Son (DK) – Organ in a sixties rockband. Captured the vibes of early Zeppelin, Jefferson and Stones and poured that into a slightly modern jacket.

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