Driveby culture

Since I’m busy setting up my own small business, I’ve neglected this blog more than it deserves. But here’s a post I came across, and  just had to mention here because I wholeheartedly agree with the ideas of it. It is about what Mr Godin calls ‘Driveby culture‘:

My fear is that the endless search for wow further coarsens our culture at the same time it encourages marketers to get ever more shallow. That’s where the first trend comes in… the artists, idea merchants and marketers that are having the most success are ignoring those that would rubberneck and drive on, focusing instead on cadres of fans that matter. Fans that will give permission, fans that will return tomorrow, fans that will spread the word to others that can also take action.

Like Godin says all the time: it is not about getting as many ‘friends’, ‘followers’, ‘fans’ as possible, but only those that are really listening and interested in what you have to say.

In the race between ‘who’ and ‘how many’, who usually wins–if action is your goal. Find the right people, those that are willing to listen to what you have to say, and ignore the masses that are just going to race on, unchanged. (Read the whole piece)

To me that is what art is about: ignoring the masses, speaking to a small amount of people, but instigating change through them. Generating change, thought and discussion, not easy entertainment for the driveby wow-seekers.

Watch this TED talk of Seth Godin talking about his motto: Changing things.


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