To darken your summer

Wave Gotik Treffen (in Leipzig, Germany) and Summer Darkness (in Utrecht, The Netherlands), two very nice festivals, have started to put out names for their upcoming editions.

The first names SD (13-15 August 2010) put out are a couple of usual suspects (like Clan of Xymox, And One, Spiritual Front) but also Faith and the Muse, which I saw doing a very good show a couple of months ago, and Ianva, of which I am hearing good stuff.

The other thing I am really interested in is the Sopor Aeternus Cinema Obscure announcement at the bottom of the flyer. I have not found out yet what that means, but if it says Sopor, you know you want to see this. But if any of you know what this cinema obscure is about, don’t hesitate and fill me in.

But the line-up of WGT (May 21st-24th 2010) is so-far simply amazing (as always), including names as: JARBOE (USA), BLOODY DEAD & SEXY (D), CASPIAN (USA), CHRIST VS. WARHOL feat. EVE GHOST (USA) which includes live members of Faith and the Muse that will perform there as well, DIARY OF DREAMS (D), GITANE DEMONE (USA), SOL INVICTUS (GB), THE DEEP EYNDE (USA), ALCEST (F), ARCANA (S),  GENE LOVES JEZEBEL (GB), LACRIMOSA (D),  SEX GANG CHILDREN (GB), and THE WOUNDED (NL). Excuse the capitals, but I have been a lazy crtl+c user for this one.

I mean, how good can it get? I myself probably won’t go to Leipzig, but it is always good to know that there are good music festivals out there to darken up your summer a bit.


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