Bad music for a good cause

You just saw Mr Depp doing his best James Hetfield impersonation and heard that ‘Teenage Sex Pistol Glen Matlock left his Bollocks at home. But at least I can still take Nick Cave a little bit serious because he, just as myself, can’t stand it. My humble opinion: This is a sad, sad cover of a GREAT song. But if it’s for a good cause, anything is allowed, right?

Wrong. So here’s the original vampire singing it:

Ow shit, that’s the other vampire guy. His version’s a lot better than the other though.

But here it is finally: Screamin’ Jay Hawkins at his best:



2 responses to “Bad music for a good cause

    • Wow, cool post, and what revealing photographs too! Thanks for noticing! It reminds me of a Dutch book (titled “Het zijn net mensen”) in which the reporter describes the same kind of issues happening in Israel and Africa.

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