Lights out: Scott Walker

Jesse are you listening?
Six feet of foetus
Flung at sparrows in the sky
Put yourself in my shoes

Today I bought The Drift by Scott Walker. For my 24th birthday I got a voucher for the record store from a couple of friends, so I went there today. And although I do not consider myself to have a very narrow taste, I thought it would be only take a couple of minutes for me to walk around the store and get a nice album or two.

How wrong I was. Luckily.

So after more than an hour looking through the racks with either boring (looking) cd’s, or cd’s I already own, I came across the ‘Walker, Scott‘ section. And to my big surprise there it was, among some of his older albums; the album I was looking for but didn’t know I was: The Drift. With beautiful packaging.

So, if you do not know who this boy-band-star-from-the-sixties-turned-experimental-music-god is, check his website. I know this is not easy stuff, but once you get the hang of it: you’re in for a hell of a musical ride.

Or better: watch the awesome documentary produced by David Bowie,30 Century Man‘ in which you get a look behind the scenes of making The Drift:

The videos above are all songs from ‘The Drift’, but not original videos as far as I know.


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