Next exciting Incubate names

The best, and in my eyes only, way to prepare yourself for a massive event as the Incubate festival is to keep up with their confirmations. It being a festival with more than 250 acts, you cannot check all those bands and artists just before you gather your things and travel to Tilburg in September.

That’s why I will try to ease your quest, and mine, every week after Incubate announces the next couple of confirmed artists.

Let me start with two bands about whom I am absolutely stoked that they will be in The Netherlands in September:

Die Weisse Rose (DK) / MySpace / Martial industrial star that has risen fast and high due to their extremely well put together live shows. Kim Larsen (:Of the Wand & the Moon:) and John Murphy (Shining Vril and live member of: Di6, WhitehouseDer Blutharsch) will be strengthening this live performance

Sonne Hagal (D) / MySpace / a neofolk project following the path of the mighty Sol Invictus, with strong ties to Forseti that incorporates ritual and electronic elements where they see fit. I heard Kim Larsen (:OtW&tM:) will perform live at Incubate with Sonne Hagal as well.

  • Bad Guys (UK) / Anti-Art, anti-rock, anti-everything, but not as bad as they think. I’m guessing this could be nice to see live.
  • Blind To Faith (BE) / Hardcore punk with some doom influences and occult lining around the edges.
  • Gum Takes Tooth (UK) / MySpace/ Noise, I think Knalpot but much more aggressive and a lot dirtier.
  • Milligram Retreat (NL) / MySpace / Artyfarty industrial 8bit including Reneé van Trier. Sounds a lot better now then when I heard them a year ago, when they did happy hardcore kinda stuff. I like the new songs on their Myspace.


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