First names Incubate 2010

One of the greatest festivals around, certainly in the Netherlands, is the Incubate festival. In 2009 I was an intern at this festival, which was great, and certainly colours my perspective. Just so you know 🙂

Anyway, they officially annouced the first acts for 2010 edition, which will be centered around piracy. From now on you can check their blog every Thursday to see the last confirmations.

Below are the first names, with the Myspace links of the bands that I tfind interesting. Yes, that’s right; I am the King of this castle (but of course the comment section can be used to change this ruler’s mind or his mistakes).

  • Action Beat (UK) / poppunk
  • Barn Burner (CAN) / Myspace / Riffdriven-metal, think Black Sabbath and Fu Manchu: roadburn fan material
  • Cheap Machines (UK) / Myspace / Ambient glitch drone, like Ryoji Ikeda but a bit more industrial.
  • Cyaneed (NO) / poppunk by girls, like a mix of Pintandwefall and Masshysteri
  • Eklin (NL) / Myspace Dreamy drone on which Cave‘s “Red Right Hand” meets Waits’ “Get Behind the Mule”. *wow*
  • Frog Pocket (UK) / Myspace Fiddles with breakbeats. A bit like Four Tet, or Venetian Snares but more organic.
  • Hyetal (UK) / Myspace / Dubstep, minimal that kind of thing, sounds good, but it’s just not ‘my thing’.
  • Laser Poodle (NL) / Electro. Great name.
  • Neil Landstrumm (UK) / A somewhat industrial kind of dubstep. Darkstep?
  • Nikoo (NL)
  • Oranssi Pazuzu (FIN) / Myspace State their influences are: Darkthrone, Electric Wizard, Circle, Satyricon, Sonic Youth, Can, Faust, Burzum and Pink Floyd. So what do you want more? Awesome.
  • Shaking Godspeed (NL) / Myspace Occult sounding barnyardrock. The answer to The Devil’s Blood from the Achterhoek.
  • Switchblade (SW) / Myspace / Great dooooooomband. Saw them on Ashes to Ashes, Doom to Dusk festival last year. I really like the high-pitched screams contrasting the heavy and low dissonant riffing.
  • The Skull Defekts (SW) / Myspace / Dark sounding up-tempo roots rock with ambient/drone elements. I guess I cannot properly describe this after hearing 2 songs. Which is good. Go and check it out.
  • Vindicatrix (UK) / ambient electro with creepy undertones.

Keep in mind that Incubate is not about music alone, last year they had, for instance, intriguing art from Herman Nitsch, powerful performances by Franko B., and a insightful lecture by Andrew Keen.

Let’s just say that I will be in the audience during the Eklin, Oranssi Pazuzu and Switchblade concerts. And don’t be surprised if you run into me during the Shaking Godspeed, Cheap Machines or The Skull Defects.

Needless to say  am very happy with these first few names (of which I only knew Shaking Godspeed and Switchblade when I got out of bed this morning.)


3 responses to “First names Incubate 2010

  1. On my list are most definitely Eklin, Oranssi Pazuzu and Frog Pocket. I quite like Shaking Godspeed and if it fits in the schedule I think Barn Burner can be some fun.

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