Throw away your Wii and other boring stuff: this is the real thing

Meet the Painstation. This awesome but frightnening idea started as an art project by Volker Morawe and Tilman Reiff, two Cologne based media artists.

They decided to build a successor to their original artwork making painful videogames available to a larger audience.

This thing has been around for some time now, (first exhibited in 2003), but it is slowly becoming a cult hit in Germany. You might have seen it on exhibitions like Robodock and STRP, and even made its way into the MoMa.

Found via het  Zesde Vlak.

Pretty heavy if you ask me. But it’s is not all pain with these guys:

Volker and Tilman together with their friend Roman Kirschner have founded the artist collective “//////////fur//// art entertainment interfaces“, which also made this cool thing: The MoshPit Amp- Metal Head Orgasmatron.

This is an machine that converts your head-banging movements into hard-hitting metal music! F*** those big and crowded festivals: You can have your private metal concert any time you want it.

Through style and intensity of your head banging, you are the conductor of a virtual metal band consisting of four instruments: vocals, bass, drums and guitar. you can control the volume as well as the pattern of each instrument to create engaging musical arrangements.

Notice how he holds his mic: this is one trve dvde 🙂

If you mosh really hard you can trigger a guitar solo for the ultimate rock experience. Your performance in front of the amp will additionally be supportet by a lightshow with smoke, flash and pyrotechnics.

I wonder if they could put in this awesome Motörhead song in it, or this Sepultura version, or maybe this cool Satyricon cover:


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