Lights out: Rosa†Crvx

Eli Elo Eli Eloe
Hel Hel Hel Hel
Yao Yao Yao Sabbaoth

Rosa†Crvx is a ritual darkwave outfit from France led by Olivier Tarabo. Rosa†Crvx is an almost holistic artproject incorporating music, video art, artwork, spectacular live shows and performance art. Almost everything is done by themselves.

I had the pleasure to visit them last year with my wife and a friend near Rouen. After a tour through the city, including his art school and a splendid meal Olivier took us to very large caves. There he and some members of the Rosa†Chordis choir sang for us at and underground lake. As you can imagine it was unbelievable. There we were: Standing at an underground lake, with ten people and just as many torches. Magical.

Check out the dvd they released this year. It contains superb music but also a lot of background information on this project in small but highly informative documentaries.

be patient, the song starts after a 50 seconds intro


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