Justice Yeldham makes Slipknot look like Simon and Garfunkel

Justice Yeldham and the Dynamic Ribbon device (aka Dual Plover label head Lucas Abela) unleashes perhaps the day’s most out-and-out scary performance, and one that makes Slipknot look like Simon and Garfunkel, a series of contact mics placed around a sheet of perspex [glass actually] that he repeatedly headbutts, massive pounds thudding through the speaker system”

– quote by inthemix, about BIG DAY OUT ear stage 26/01/2005 found here.

Justice performed at Incubate last year but I missed it because I was attending the Nitsch Aktion:

Yeldham’s live performance consists of grinding his face into a sheet of mic’d up plate glass. It is hideously awesome for a variety of reasons. One is that the transparency of the glass means you get to view his face all squished up against the other side of the glass like a kid on a special bus wiping his nose down the window as you overtake them on the motorway. Another reason is the sound really is quite nasty.

Some vid I found of that event:

Free Justice Yeldham music can be found here at the Free Music Archive.


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