Grauenhaft! Günter Brus

Speaking of disturbing art, let’s focus on some Wiener Aktionists and those influenced by them. Last year at the Incubate festival, Hermann Nitsch was the central guest so I learned about quite a lot artists that are all about crossing the edge seriously.

Günter Brus (Arnding, Austria, 1938) is considered today one of Austria’s leading artists. He established himself an international reputation as one of the most important taboo-violating artists of the postwar period. In the sixties he was one of the noted founders of the Wiener Aktionismus. In these turbulent years, his provocative and anarchistic performances offended the Viennese bourgeoisie to such an extent that he was forced to leave the country.

In the course of thirty years Brus has produced a solid oeuvre, consisting mainly of drawings and texts. These bizarre works illustrate the artist’s raw philosophy in which he examines the unconscious structures of human existence and demonstrate the everlasting urge to offend. [source.]


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