New Burzum album coming up

(picture taken from Apollo Wiki)

Varg Vikerness said on his website that he will release a new Burzum album spring 2010! I am really interested in how it will sound, as he made some really gripping black metal, but also some ambient pieces that I could not get my head around.

“The coming album is called “Den Hvite Guden” (The White God) and is a musical and lyrical description of the the White God (alias Apollon, Baldr, Belenus, Belus, Bragi, Byelobog, Jarilo, et cetera) and the annual events of his life.”

The album will contain unpublished or altered songs like “the ‘Uruk-Hai’ track, from 1988-1989, although the title and the lyrics have been changed to fit the new concept. It will also feature the original  ‘Dauði Baldrs’ metal track, from 1993. In a sense this album too will not be “new material”, but just a collection of previously unpublished tracks; some new, some old.”

As he asks explicitly not to reproduce his text, I can only give some short quotes. You can read his full announcement here

(including the very strange and rascist line: The “black metallers” will probably continue to “get loaded”, “get high”, and in all other manners too behave like the stereotypical Negro; they will probably continue to get foreign tribal tattoos, dress, walk, talk, look and act like homosexuals, and so forth.)

(Picture from Burzum site © 2009 Linda Næsfeldt/Dagbladet)


I am older now, in fact twice as old as I was when I recorded the début album, and I am therefore different. The new album might differ from the old albums more than some might appreciate, but I hope not. Even if some of You might appreciate the old Burzum, I must be allowed to evolve, just like everybody else. Maybe You will like the new Burzum too. I will not do my best to copy and reproduce my old music, just to please somebody.

In spite of what the italic quote in the third alinea above might suggest, Varg does not see himself as being a Nazi, but he does think of himself as a rascist:

Quoted from an interview in the Norwegian paper Dagblated with an English translation here:

— I’ve never been a Nazi, and I’m not one now. It is crazy to say that I have started racist propaganda groups. If you are opposed by the prison, you can become frustrated, aggressive and impressionable of other communities. What I did was a rebellion against those who I feel have treated me badly. It was just stupid, but there and then it felt right. You can be quite alone if you’re isolated all the time, and so many people are against you.

He continues:

— But I have my positions clear. I see that it’s going to hell with this country – and I try not to be pulled down by it. This is not Norway. We are about to be replaced by strangers, both culturally, religiously and genetically speaking. Take a look at our population today, and compare it with that we had 50 years ago.

— Are you racist?

— Yes. But I hate no one. Hate is irrational. I am a rational person.

— Are you proud?

— Yes!

— Do you understand that people are afraid of you?

— I understand that from the basis of representation in the media.


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