Marhaug + Wesseltoft + Manheim = True Norwegian Snuff Impro

Man heim, Wesseltof - Marhaug Incubate 2009

Having been at the very intense performance of Marhaug during Incubate 2009, I wondered what the other two musicians (Wesseltof and Manheim) were up to, except the black metal things they are known for (Thorns and Mayhem most notably).

I found that Wesseltoft is also active in a very interesting noise outfit called Maranata. Or as they call it themselves: True Norwegian Snuff Impro.

Jon Wesseltoft:  Strings/Electronics/Percussion
Dag Stiberg: Saxophone/Electronics

Listen to their music on Myspace.

On Lasse Marhaug’s homepage it says that these three have recently performed together under that name but in the same line-up as the Marhaug gig on Incubate. When I asked Manheim about this after the show, he said they performed a couple of times in this line-up but there is always one of them in charge. So I guess that Wesseltoft was in charge during the Maranata show.

Sadly I couldn’t find anything about Manheim’s other musical outlets (Which Encyclopaedia Metallum says to be: (L.E.G.O., Musta, Septic (Nor), Flowers in the Dustbin)).


I hope to get to see these guys perform again, under whichever name they go by then. The Incubate gig got very intense after quite a while building up the sound. Ow, and in case you’re wondering if Lasse used Hermann Nitsch‘s organ recordings during the show: ‘No, but thank you for noticing this during the performance which was in honour of this awesome artist’.


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