Glitter and Doom download!

Yes! I’ve got all 84.3 MB of fresh Tom Waits material. Well ‘fresh’… it’s stuff from his new live album that will be released on November 24th.  It’s nice, very nice. So get your browser over here and get it as well!

a sneak preview of the new Tom Waits album, Glitter and Doom Live, arriving November 24th. Check out the first 8 songs for free, including a roaring version of “Get Behind the Mule” and a slinky reinvention of “Singapore,” and if you love the album as much as we think you will, you can pre-order it HERE. CD and LP include as a bonus the 35 minute disc/track “Tom Tales,” compiling between‐song banter from throughout the tour into a continuous monologue, and chronicling for the first time one of fans’ favorite parts of a Waits’ performance.

Free Glitter and Doom Live Album Preview


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